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Happy New Year!!! I hope this year brings you all loads of joy and peace and may it bring you towards achieving any goals you have.

2017 was a year that will probably go down as one of the most stressful and heartbreaking years I have had. So therefore I am determined to take this new year as a fresh start. I want to truly make the most of it and achieve as much as I can out of these 365 days and seriously encourage anyone reading this to do the same.

Rohma Malik X The Style Cupboard

If you were to ask anyone who knows me about my organisational skills without a doubt they would begin to tell you about my colour coding and serious planning. I have always believed it’s good to be as prepared and organised as you can. It’s all good having goals but without making a strategy and setting yourself deadlines it becomes high;y unlikely that the goals will come true. Therefore I suggest printing out a plain monthly calendar (such as this one) and making deadlines for every goal you have and keeping each goal a different colour. Once the deadline is written simply highlight the words with the chosen colour. I know with smartphones, a lot of people tend to use the smartphone calendar (and why wouldn’t you when it’s super convenient). However by seeing your goals and ensuring you read them every morning an evening will further create a willingness and desire to achieve them. By having them on your wall it will be a constant reminder every time your eye is to come across it.
This is something I am implementing into my 2018.

Rohma Malik X The Style Cupboard

Resolutions are something I haven’t ever given much though to until this year. And now that I have written them down on paper I find myself working on them. Before you tell me ‘Rohma it’s day one, of course you feel that way’, let me just say I haven’t felt motivation like this in a long time. And that motivation is turning into a much needed positive mind set and encouragement. So I truly suggest you write down a list of resolutions. And they can be absolutely anything from working hard to get your designer handbag to reading a minimum of 2 books per month.

For myself I’ve written down a list of 14 resolutions that I am very much looking forward to completing.

So here is to a great 2018, may it be the best year yet and may it be filled with happiness and peace!

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