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If you have been following my blog for a while you’ll know that there is nothing I love more than finding a statement piece for a price that actually makes the purse incredibly happy.

Having heard about Ali Express I’ve always been rather curious to see what the fuss is all about. However, after doing some research I found a lot of negative feedback. And honestly this made me very double minded. I therefore decided the best way to go about it would be to make a wish list. The original list contained trousers, kimonos, jewellery and bags. However after thoroughly reading the reviews I opted to not risk my money on clothing. With even the sellers stating ‘there may be a 3 cm difference’, I couldn’t justify it. Unlike a regular online store, most of the stuff is shipped from China and to even begin thinking about having to return stuff just didn’t seem worth it.

So instead I decided to make a wishlist of handbags. Seeing as I (at the time) literally only had a black bag from Parfois, it made more sense. Having spent what felt like two weeks browsing the site, I found my final list. Now with a list I made sure I thoroughly read the feedback and mainly focused on the negative feedback. This was due to knowing that most sellers ask for any negative feedback to not be written (which actually says a lot about the quality to expect). Soon my list of 20 bags became a list of 5. Knowing that I am a bit of an impulse shopper I decided to give it another week to really decide if I wanted the bags. It seems my heart was truly taken by them. So cautiously I placed my order.

As I mentioned before the bags were being shipped from China. This meant that each bag could take up to a good two months to arrive. Having said that, most bags were received within two weeks. And seeing as I live in the UK I thought this was pretty good. My favourite actually arrived in time for London Fashion Week so naturally I had to take it with me.


The Style Cupboard I Rohma Malik I Statement Bag On A Budget

The Style Cupboard I Rohma Malik I Statement Bag On A Budget

The Style Cupboard I Rohma Malik I Statement Bag On A Budget


Since having received the bags I have really enjoyed testing them out. To my surprise the quality of them is literally amazing (especially considering they’re all priced between £10.00 -£16.00). Not only is the material and metal of good quality, but they are also very spacious. Furthermore, they really can carry quite a lot of weight. Each bag is really easy to style. Also is it me or do they give a designer luxury feel?

Yellow Bag:

The Style Cupboard I Rohma Malik I Statement Bag On A Budget

As someone who has had a black shoulder bag as her only bag for about a year, I really wanted a bright coloured bag. So having spent some time exploring my options, I really fell for this yellow bag. Not only is it super spacious, but the studs on it give major Gucci  GG Supreme vibes. However unlike the £1290 Gucci bag, this yellow bag was priced at £15.58. The bag arrived bubble wrapped and in a really good condition (within three weeks of ordering). Sadly since placing the order the seller seems to no longer be available on Ali Express. Therefore I do not want to link the bag a I won’t be able to guarantee if the bag you receive will be in a good condition.




Red Bag:

The Style Cupboard I Rohma Malik I Statement Bag On A Budget

Knowing a season staple colour would be red, I naturally had to get a red bag. Unlike the yellow one, this bag is very minimal. And to be honest, that is exactly what I love about this bag. The lock and chain are in a light gold colour which beautifully compliments the red. And did I mention it’s super spacious? This bag arrived within three weeks of ordering. It arrived bubble wrapped and in a really good condition. At £11.75, this little red bag is one I really recommend for you Autumn/Winter wardrobe. The bag is available to purchase here.




White Bag:

The Style Cupboard I Rohma Malik I Statement Bag On A Budget

I don’t know why but when it comes to looking handbags up on Ali Express, it’s super tempting looking for dupes. I was certain I didn’t want a Chanel dupe. I know it’s a classic bag but that’s all it is. Just a classic bag. Don’t get me wrong, classic bags are great, but I was looking for a statement bag. Once I came across the White Bumble Bee Bag it really reminded me of the Gucci Broadway Clutch. However unlike the £2250 Gucci, this Ali Express version was priced at £11.83. This bag also arrived within two weeks of placing the order in a bubble wrap. However it is worth noting that the bee seems like it is glued on rather than attache to the bag. Other than that it makes for a perfect bag.

So if you are in the market for statement bags on a budget, I do recommend having a browse on Ali Express. For you never know what you might find.



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