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Makeup is something I absolutely love. It truly has the power to make one feel seriously empowered. However this is something I feel certain companies take advantage of. By wanting to cash in on the feeling many yearn, some companies literally charge an absolute fortune. And this is something I find hard to get my head around. Especially when there are brands out there that offer beautiful products, great pigmentation and that wonderful feeling at the fraction of the price

One such company is Makeup Revolution. Now I am aware that there is a lot of controversy surrounding Makeup Revolution. Many think they just ‘copy directly’. But I feel there is much more to this brand than the negativity which often surrounds it. Yes granted, some of the eye shadow palettes can be classified as dupes. But there is nothing wrong the concept of creating a dupe. Especially when the palette costs less than half the price of the original palettes. For those with an issue with this they just need to see Makeup Revolution as the TopShop of the high street. Besides launching it’s own super cool products, they bring to the regular person their take on the trends. And that is something I find incredibly exciting. After all it’s what most people look forward to seeing with high street brands. So why does this negative concept exist in the beauty market?

I first came across Makeup Revolution in 2014 whilst being a Student at The University for the Creative Arts. And as you can imagine, being a student usually means being on a tight budget. With constant deadlines and long days continuously working, doing my makeup was something I found really therapeutic. It is also where my interest in the beauty industry developed. By taking out some time of my day and spending it on me, I felt really good. I began learning new techniques which resulted in my collection expanding. And honestly all of it consisted of drugstore brands such as 17 and collection 2000.

One day whilst exploring the Superdrugs stands I came across Makeup Revolution. Having never heard of them before I decided to pick up a few lipsticks. I still remember being super excited as they were priced at only £1.00. From that day till now, it is safe to say 80% of my makeup consist or products from Makeup Revolution. And having been a customer for the past five years I think it’s about time I did a list of my favourite five products that I can’t imagine my makeup collection without.



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New-trals vs Neutrals £6.00 

If you are looking for a warm palette then I highly recommend this one. Having been a part of my makeup collection for about a year, this is a palette I absolutely love. In-fact it is my absolute favourite Makeup Revolution product. The warm colours suit my skin perfectly (in particular the shade vogue). And the choice of shades result in multiple looks that are perfect for both the night and day.


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Naked Chocolate £7.99

After seeing all the Urban Decay Naked palettes, I really wanted a nude palette that had a good combination of shades. And that is exactly what the Naked Chocolate is. The shades consist of both matte and shimmer shades. Again all shades are super pigmented and last all day. Also did I mention the super large mirror on the inside? This is one calorie free chocolate bar I can’t get enough of.


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Ultra Base Colour Corrector £6.00

As someone who has acne and acne scars I don’t really wear foundation at all. Thought this was not always the case. I understand the frustration of wanting a flawless complexion when wearing foundation but not being able to quite get it due to the acne. That was until I came across this colour corrector. After priming my face, I’d use the green over any red blemishes. The red was used to cover any scars and dark marks. And finally the purple was used to just brighten the under eyes. Once the foundation was applied after colour correcting, everything looked very even (in terms of skin tone). The colour corrector blends super easy with the foundation. And at £6.00 for a full palette, this corrector is one that is too good to be true.


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Golden Sugar £6.00

With me hardly ever using foundation, I have really gotten quite into using highlighter. I love it just on my cheekbones and ever so slightly under my eyes. I feel this really brightens up the complexion and looks quite natural. I also really like to use a little blush to add some colour to my face. The Golden Sugar palette is perfect for this. By having both a blush and highlighter it is also really good for when travelling. It’s a palette I loved so much that I actually got my sister a palette as part of her ‘going to uni’ gift. And since having it, it is one she also swears by.


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Illuminating Fixing Spray £5.00

Although I don’t use foundation, I always find using this fixing spray make my skin look softer. It also gives my skin a really nice glowing complexion. And at £5.00 I can’t get enough of this. Seeing as I’ve gone through three bottles and seems to always re-purchase, I think it’s fair to say that I do truly enjoy using this product.


With Makeup Revolution constantly launching new products, I often find myself watching the Makeup Revolution YouTube channel to see what’s new. It seems my current obsession is their Lip Kits and the brand new Life On The Dance Floor -Guest List. Both products I can’t wait to get my hands on.


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