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On Friday 15th September, my main goal set (when beginning was achieved. I got the chance to attend London Fashion Week. And as someone who took a year out from blogging, achieving this within 5 months of beginning my new blog felt absolutely fantastic! So I’d like to thank you all for making this achievement possible. To think there’s 25’000 just on this site is mind blowing. Thank you!


As this is a Wednesday, naturally I’ll be sharing what I wore to London Fashion Week:



Day One

I was waiting for the arrival of a custom made coat by Boutique De Nana. Sadly it didn’t arrive on time (don’t worry thought as you will be seeing a post on it real soon). Instead I opted for my Gota Coat. I paired this with a H&M dress that has been sitting in my wardrobe for a good few years. As it is a very minimal dress, it’s easy to pair with almost anything. By re-styling the dress, it’s constantly given a new life.
As those of you who have been here for a while will know, I absolutely love Parfois for its bags. So naturally I had to pair this outfit with my plain black bag. For jewellery I decided to keep it minimal (as I wanted the coat to be the main statement). I opted for these hoop earrings that are currently available in Primark for £4.00.

I could not have achieved my goal if it wasn’t for the support of my husband. He is literally amazing and I feel so blessed. Obviously he had to come and experience London Fashion Week with me!


Day Two

I seriously love colour and patterns and enjoy wearing them. To me it is a very expressive way of showing a part of who I am. So as you can imagine, when I came across this kimono in New Look it was love at first sight. I sadly can’t find it online at the moment however it has been launched in the stores. As the kimono is a beautiful yellow with a slight pink floral pattern I paired it with pleated culottes from The Boutique Liverpool. Not only are these the perfect shade of red for the season but they’re also only £15.00. I absolutely love the quality and fit of these culottes and recommend them to anyone wanting trousers that are super easy to style. For my bag I opted for this beautiful piece that I found on Ali Express. I’ve been testing it out and so far the quality of the bag is really good. And it’s sewn together like a bag should be. I also wanted to wear some statement earrings and chose to go with these from Accessorize that I’d purchased around four years ago.



Day Three

I love loose garments that make me feel as if I’m floating. And that is exactly how I felt in this outfit. This beautiful pastel kimono is one I found in New Look literally days before attending LFW. Initially I felt like this might be on the shorter side (as I like my kimonos long). However once paired with these culottes from The Boutique Liverpool, it looked amazing. I also really wanted to add some further texture to this outfit. So I opted for this pleated top from Primark. The shade of grey really went well with the rest of the outfit.  Again for earrings I chose to go with these from Accessorize.



As I started receiving my invitations for London Fashion Week I knew I wanted to create a wardrobe selection that would be both budget friendly and comfortable. I could have chosen to go OTT. However it is something I’ve never seen much point in as such garments are really re-wearable (unless ofcourse you live the red-carpet life). Having said that, who knows what I may chose to wear come London Fashion Week in February.


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