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As it is a Friday, it can only mean it’s time for a Fashion Friday post. I was given the opportunity to attend a few fashion shows during London Fashion Week. Naturally I was very excited. Besides planning my outfits, I also began creating a schedule. With a choice of over 30 shows to attend I wanted to ensure each show attended would be one that would appeal to you all and sit within the style of The Style Cupboard.



The Swedish School of Textiles I London Fashion Week

Having woken up to the very unfortunate and sad news of the tube attack in London, I wasn’t sure if it would be safe attending the shows at all. However I decided to head into central London and managed to make it to the first show. The Swedish School of Textiles was a show I was incredibly excited to see. Having attended their shows in the past (see here) I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. And being from Sweden, I love coming across and being able to support Swedish things. Now unlike the usual show, this one consisted of students showcasing their final collections.
The very first collection that came onto the runway was one I would never forget. Not only were the garments amazing, but the models were going up and down the catwalk in wheelchairs. And to be honest it was the first time I’ve seen this and really liked it as it was breaking the typical stereotype. I also loved how Louise played with the idea of trousers and made them into full worn garments. Sofia Urumovic was another designer that stood out to me. Her collection consisted of loose silhouettes (which you all know I really love).  Each outfit on the runway was put together beautifully. The colours of this collection were a lovely soft pastel. Now you guys are probably thinking ‘isn’t that what most spring collections look like?’. But let me tell you, unlike the regular spring collections, each outfit literally had it’s own personality. As you can see from the image above, expressions were created on each garment. And I loved it!


Billie Jacobina London Fashion Week

I then attended a presentation by Billie Jacobina. Having seen her Instagram, I knew I wasn’t going to be dissapointed. The presentation consisted of a few models wearing the collection and dancing. Simply representing having a great time. And this is exactly what her collection represented to me. Garments that literally ooze fun and wonderful colours.



The show was the highly anticipated Ones To Watch. This show consisted of four Designers (Ji Won Choi, Starsica, Triinu Pungits and Neo Designs. Out the four the collection I loved most was Ji Won Choi. The collection consisted of red, blue, black and white. Not only was the collection simplistic but through the geometric lines the garments had their own movement. It was almost as  if a whole other dimension had been added. It worked really well and resulted in a beautiful collection.
The Starsica collection was one that made me feel as if I was in a submarine on my way to Atlantis. The collection was playful and it was obvious that a lot of thought had been put in as the attention to detail was amazing.



Michaela Frankova London Fashion Week


The last show we went to see on Day one was Michaela Frankova. Now this show blew my mind. I love history and I love clothes that resemble the royal courts of the 1700’s. There is something incredibly magical and fairy tale like about the clothes from then. So when the models started walking the runway I was mesmerized by all the beautiful detail in the garments. And with the added beauty of the hall in which the catwalk was taking place, I felt as if I had gone back in time. It was almost like I was sitting with The Sun King in Versailles watching the latest trends in his Royal Court. I absolutely loved everything about this collection and the ambiance of the show.





Not going to lie, I was already exhausted from the previous day. But like a true Fashion Trooper I got up at 6.30 am and began getting ready for the next fun filled day at London Fashion Week. If you want to see what I wore click here.

John Herrera London Fashion Week

This show couldn’t have been a better start to the day. Much like the Michaela Frankova show, I felt as if I was back into a renaissance court. However, this time round it was much more darker and gothic. It was almost as if it was a collaboration between the renaissance style x pirate. The collection consisted of black and red. This I found very interesting as it was a SS18 show not an Autumn Winter show. The silhouettes were a mix of loose garments and ones with a corset. And also, how cool is the Elizabethan hair? John Herrera is definitely a collection to take inspiration from if you have an edgier side to your style.


Rohma Malik at The Blogger Programme x 21 Buttons London Fashion Week 2017

I was also kindly invited to The Blogger Programme x 21 Buttons bloggers party. For those of you that may not be familiar with 21 Buttons, it is an app much like IG. However what’s cool about it is that it’s fashion based. And you can buy garments directly from the app (as each button/link added will take you directly to the site). I highly recommend you joining 21 Buttons to get some wardrobe inspiration. Also as if this whole experience wasn’t amazing enough, I ended up meeting my all time favourite style icon. I have been following Dina’s style (and often taken inspiration) since around 2011/2012. I love her sense of style. It’s so fun and expressive. And best of all it’s modest and very inspiring. So when I saw her what I wanted to say was ‘I love your sense of Fashion and how fun it is. Thank you for all the effort your putting into constantly creating new content’. However as my mind went blanc all that came out was ‘Hi, can I please take a photo with you?’. Here is to hoping the next time (if the chance comes) i’ll be able to say ‘I love your sense of Fashion and thank you for all the hard work’. But until then this photo will be a great reminder.

Han Wen London Fashion Week

The next show I went to see was Han Wen. The garments consisted of fabrics that compliment movement. These included (what looked like), silk, satin and chiffon. The overall style of the collection was almost like a take on the 80’s but with a very modern and feminine twist. And it really worked. The collection was absolutely amazing. The colour palette was a mix of autumn and spring. But again it worked really well. I am so looking forward to not only taking inspiration from this collection, but also seeing what the high street will bring out.


INIFD – LST London Fashion Week

The final show I went to see was one close to my heart. Which was perfect as the very first one was too. However, unlike the first one (which touched on my Swedish roots), this one touched on my Asian roots. I was excited to see that students from India were given a chance to collaborate and showcase their final collections. Although my Asian roots are Pakistani, I still find a lot of similarities within fashion (and to some extent culture too). So I couldn’t wait to see what would walk down the runway.
It was almost as if the models were walking in garments of art. It was the prefect combination of East x West. There was a mix of patterns, elaborate embroidery and beautiful textiles. The students showcasing literally nailed it.



So that was my experience of the SS18 London Fashion Week. I would like to thank everyone who invited me to the shows. And I’d also like to thank the 25’000 of you who take time out of your lives to read my posts.


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