Illustration by Rohma Malik

Illustration by Rohma Malik

Illustration by Rohma Malik


Pleated Culotte Trousers & Mustard Pearl Kimono from The Boutique Liverpool.

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For this edition of FASHION FRIDAY I wanted to write about a consumer movement that is taking place within the fashion industry.

If you take a quick look at the garments produced by the High Street stores (and to some extent the High End brands) the clothing is becoming less and less modest. Music videos these day’s have singers wearing clothes that in the 90’s would have been seen as quite scandalous. A large group of women believe dressing in such a way is ’empowering’ and is a stand against the patriarchal societies of today. Personally I see it as something very ironic. It is almost like the patriarchal society tricked the women through reverse psychology.

And I think it is due to that very reason that my interest in the modesty movement exists. For those of you who do not know, there are a group of inspiring pioneers who are in some ways challenging the trends of today. These women are showing the world that a women can be fashionable, strong and equal to a man whilst staying modest. As this movement is increasing, brands are quickly adapting their garments to catch the attention of this new consumer. Parallel to the crop tops and skinny jeans are longer tunics and loose fit trousers. Instead of clinching to the body of the wearer, these garments fall off the curves in a very complimentary manner.

One could say that it the newly emerged woman. The ‘Modern Lady’. She is fun, strong minded, independent and has a strong interest in fashion. To her fashion is the secret to her success and confidence. It is a part of her identity. Style icons of this movement include Dina Torkia, and The Olsen Twins.

For more information have a read of this article.

If you’re wanting to add some beautiful ‘Modern Lady’ pieces to your wardrobe I highly recommend browsing The Boutique Liverpool. If like me you are a size 14 (UK size) I seriously suggest getting a pair of the pleated culottes. Not only are these trousers timeless but they give the illusion of a slimmer figure.

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