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Hey Guys!

I hope you are all well.

For todays ‘Makeup Monday’ I thought I’d talk about my makeup bag.

As someone who suffers from seriously sensitive skin and acne, it can be hard to find products that actually suit the skin. Acne is something that has been a part of my life since I was 12/13 years  of age. And quite clearly it is something that is still attached to me (as it doesn’t want to let go). During my teenage years, I made the mistake of caking my face in heavy products as the acne was something I was incredibly insecure about. To put it very bluntly, it made me feel very ugly. I hated looking in the mirror and my skin was always very sore. It wasn’t until about two years ago that I started feeling comfortable with it. I have now accepted it as a part of me and learned to look beyond the spots on my face.

I no longer cake my face. Instead I try keeping it as natural as I can. And guess what? My acne has actually really cleared up! For those of you wondering, my makeup routine is:
1. cleansing my face with the ‘Skin Prefection Velvety Soft Toner’ by L’oreal (£3.99 at Savers).
2. Once dry, I moisturise my face with the Vitamin C Glow Boosting moisturiser by The Body Shop (£16.00)
3. I then use the True Match foundation by L’oreal as an under eye concealer. The shade I use is 3.C Rose Beige (£9.99)
4. Next I do my eyebrows with the Brows That! Brow Kit by 17 (£5.99)
5. I then apply my Va Va Voom Mascara by 17 (£6.29)
6. Now I apply my High Definition Blush by NYX (£6.00) in the shade bitten.
7. Finally I apply my Matt Matt Matt Lipgloss by Essence (£2.30) in the shade Set Impress 04.

And that guys is literally it for my Daily Makeup Routine. By keeping the heavy makeup for occasions only, my skin has been able to breathe (something it was denied for a good few years). If any of you have acne I can’t recommend this enough.

Until The Next Time

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