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Jeans: Monki, Bag:Parfois

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For this weeks ‘Wardrobe Wednesday’ I thought I’d introduce you to one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.

Introducing you to my Lahori Gota coat.

Back in January I was given the chance to fly to Pakistan via Abu Dhabi (using Etihad). I stayed there for just under three weeks and had such a wonderful time. My mother-in-law was kind enough to take me to all the markets. And to be very honest each market was filled with such amazing material. My mind was basically on a designing spree.

Whilst visiting the market place known as Liberty, I came across a particular little shop owned by a Pathan. I have never come across such a good and smooth salesman in my life before. And not only that, you could truly see the passion and knowledge he had about the materials in his store.

I was seated on a stool. Before me meters and meters of all all sort of materials flew. It was almost like watching them dance across the room. And each was more beautiful than the other. I felt like I had been brought to a designers heaven. Then from across the room I spotted the grey material. Filled with golden thread embroidery and colour I instantly fell in love.

For those of you wondering, the type of embroidery used is known as gota. This particular embroidery originates from Pakistan/India. It differs slightly depending on the area (as each area has slightly different cultures and traditions). But all share in common the basics of this style of embroidery. The embroidery uses an applique technique. Small pieces of ribbon (often known as zari) are applied to the fabric. It’s edges are sewn which results in the creation of elaborate patterns.

Moving back to the fabric store. I knew I had to purchase the material. If I didn’t I would seriously regret it. Since purchasing it I have designed it into a beautiful coat that can easily be blended into my  western wardrobe. As you can imagine, this coat makes quite a wonderful statement piece. It is also incredibly easy to dress up or dress down. On this particular occasion I chose to style it with a basic top from Stradivarius (£3.00), Jeans from Monki (£40.00), Trainers from H&M (£19.99) and my go to bag from Parfois (£15.00).


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