Imane Asry I @fashionwithfaith

Imane Asry I @fashionwithfaith

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For those of you whom do not know, I was born (and spent my childhood) in Sweden. Scandinavian Fashion is a huge part of me. I absolutely love how it brings modernity and minimalism together to create such wonderful statement outfits.

For those of you interested I highly suggest following Imane Asry on Instagram. Her fashion brings together a wonderful mix of minimalism with modesty (something growing within the fashion industry). Personally to me all her outfits are complete goals. So as you can imagine I was super excited when I saw Imane willing to be part of this months Q&A:


  1. What is it in particular about fashion that inspired you?
    I love to express my creativity through fashion, it truly is a way of self expression.


  1. What thing  contributes the most towards your inspiration in style?
    Modesty for sure, it is the framework of my personal style and something I highly value.


  1. If you could pick one designer to style your wardrobe who would you pick & why?Charlie May for sure! her style really pleases my inner modest minimalist! She really understands the beauty of simplicity!


  1. Who do you see as your style icon?
    I don’t reqlly have one but if I had to pick one who’s style I really admire it would be Brittany Bathgate


  1. What piece of your wardrobe would you like to keep forever?
    A trusy old long duster coat


  1. You seem to be going on many adventures across the word. What is your favourite place that you’ve visited/lived?
    Oh there’s so many, this is very lame since I am Moroccan but I have to say Morocco. I never get tired of visiting that country!


  1.       What is your favourite social media platform?


  1.       What advice would you give to someone starting out a blog?
    Focus on what makes you stand out and what you enjoy doing. It is easy getting caught up with the pressure of expanding, and increasing your likes and following but never let that lose your focus and originality. Also love what you do and yourself for who you are!

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