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Today I thought I’d write about a makeup brand that I first came across through my good friend Mansurah. For those of you who do not know, I used to have a YouTube channel which consisted of Fashion,Beauty and Lifestyle. Through YouTube, I found Manusrahs channel and we both thought it would be super fun to collaborate. As she was a beauty vlogger based in Germany, we decided to do a ‘beauty swap’. I sent her products from the UK and she sent me products I had never heard of here. Within the box of Beauty goodies was the I Love Extreme Volume Mascara. This mascara literally blew my mind as it was far better than any other drugstore brand mascaras. Another Essence product included Plumping Lip Gloss.

A few years has since passed and Essence has made it’s way into the UK. And let me tell you their products are going to blow your mind!
Naturally with the brand landing in the UK, a few products have made their way into my makeup collection. The first is the Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss*. At only £2.00, this lipgloss is seriously pigmented. The formula reminds me very much of the Apocalips by Rimmel. However, unlike the Apocalips this product is not super sticky. I found this product has literally lasted me all day. To ensure it stays on for longer hours I pat the first layer with tissue before applying a second layer.

As someone who loves a bit of nail varnish I was excited to see the range of colours available within their Gel Nail Varnish*. When applied the product dried within three minutes. To test it out I decided to opt out of applying a top coat. The varnish lasted me 5 days before chipping very slightly. At only £1.60 this nail varnish is so much better than other similar products on the high street. If you’re into nail art then Essence have a range of products that can really take your nail art to the next level.

To be very honest I am so impressed with Essence and their products. I love how super affordable they are. And I particularly love how the price in no way effects the incredible quality. I hope they stay at their current price range as many other drugstore brands have seemed to become far too pricey for what they are.

Oh and did I mention Essence does not test on animals ?

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