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I hope you’re all well and enjoying the Summer.

Those of you who live in the UK will know that the British Summer weather is incredibly versatile. Just this week I’ve had a sunny 25C one day with the heavens open the next that brought a temperature of 14C. So as you can imagine I was really excited when I came across this frill sleeved dress at Primark.

I always find it hard to find garments with a silhouette that suit my shape. Therefore every time I come across something that fits me well, I end up buying several in different colours. And with this dress priced at £8.00, I knew I had to pick up more than one. Luckily for my purse they only had a khaki green and light grey in stock. For those wondering, I am a size 14 but bought a size 16 as I like my garments over-sized. The dress is meant to be a loose silhouette. Therefore it is on the larger end for when it comes to being true to size.

As you can see from the images above, this frill dress is super easy to style. For now I have styled it as a ‘summer outfit with jeans’. The inspiration behind it was Scandinavian Minimalism. So it only seemed right for me to go with a grey-blue-white combo.

As someone with longer legs than a torso I often find my self struggling to buy jeans as they’re never long enough. Although The jeans at Primark fit well their length isn’t enough (unless I want to go for a cropped jeans look). The only jeans I have found that fit are the Super Skinny High Jeans range by H&M. These jeans fit perfectly in both shape and length. On top of that they don’t seem to loose any colour after washing them. Did I meantion they’re only £17.99?


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