Playlist M4Y 2k17

Can you believe May has already arrived? That’s 4 months of the year already gone! I for one can not seem to keep up with how quickly time seems to be passing so far this year.

I have always found the month of may to be an incredibly exciting one. Besides the many birthdays of friends and family, it is also the month Eurovision takes place. And seeing as I come from Sweden, Eurovision is quite literally a part of my DNA. Did you know that ABBA actually won with their hit Waterloo?

To me it’s a wonderful night of inviting friends & family round for an evening filled with music. Naturally I always vote for Sweden (one of the many perks of living in England). I’ve been lucky enough to see them win twice in my own lifetime (which by the way is a huge deal). There was Loreen with Euphoria and ofcourse Mans with Heroes. Oh and did I mention there’s some seriously creative costumes that make an appearance?

Originally when planning this post I was thinking of putting together a playlist of my all time favourite tunes from Eurovision. However to my delight I’ve  discovered that the songs for this year are already up. There seem to be a lot of good songs entering the competition this year.
Here is a list of my personal favourites:

I’m personally really loving Sunstroke Project – Hey Mamma (Moldova) & Yodel It! by Romania. Which is your favourite?

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