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So it seems the time has arrived for the first ever beauty post on The Style Cupboard.

And what better brand to start off with than my all time favourite MAKEUP REVOLUTION.

Now this is a brand that is seriously close to my heart. Having first come across them in my Uni days I immediately fell in love with their products. Not only are they super affordable, but the quality of the eye shadow palettes are super amazing.

The palette I’ll be writing about today is the #MermaidForever. At only £8.00 this palette consists of 32 beautiful shades. These shades are super pigmented and blend to perfection.

As you can see from the image, the colours of this palette will basically remind you of the little mermaid. It is almost like the layout of #MermaidForever was based on Ariel lying across the palette. The shades begin with dark greens and move on to lighter sea greens. Then we have some wonderful shades of purple followed by pink. This then continues on to beautiful reds and finish with pearl whites. With this palette, the looks that can be created are endless.

Now to swim over to the swatches:

These shades best sumarise the #MermaidForever palette. As you can see from the swatches, the shades range from a matte to shimmery finish. Each swatch is super pigmented and truly shows just how soft and easy this palette is to work with.

What shades would you use to create your look? Comment below and let us know.

Until The Next Time!

WORDS: Rohma Malik

GRAPHICS: Rohma Malik

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