This September I was fortunate enough to attend quite a few events that took place during London Fashion Week.And although all of them were exciting and filled with creativity, my favourite was The Swedish School of Textiles show. I’m not just saying that because I’m Swedish (although I did feel rather proud to see the creativity that was wonderfully displayed at one of the most prestigious fashion events across the globe).

Unlike the previous shows I’ve been to, this one was quite long (which I rather appreciated). This was due to the wonderful work being displayed of over 10 different upcoming designers (all produced and made in Borås). And all the collections were so wonderful to see. The ones that stood out the most to me were:


  • Josefin Runquist – ‘Change in Motion’
    This collection investigates the change of the visual expression in motion and how the physical movement of the body can change the garment.
  • Sara Berg – ‘OMG(s)’
    This collection was one that had everyone gasping (and rightly so!). For before us were garments with quite an incredible height and presence. It was a wonderful mix of the fashion scene, current digital culture and religion.
  • Linus Broden – ‘Sacred Coloration’
    This collection was bright an very pleasing to the inner child within me. With a wonderful mix of fabrics, media and colours, each garment felt like literal art walking.

I found it very intriguing to see how the collections created at The Swedish School of Textiles and those displayed at Graduate Fashion Week in London were so different. In my honest opinion, it seemed to me that The Swedish School of Textiles were open to more creativity, leading to work that is intricate, beautiful and so very inspiring.
I do so hope that The Swedish School of Textiles showcase again next year as I’m curious to see what wonders will be made in the future.

WORDS: Rohma Malik

GRAPHICS: Rohma Malik

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